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Kyungmin Lee

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
1800 E Paul Dirac Dr
Tallahassee FL


My interest in the field of condensed matter physics lie primarily in the theoretical understanding of correlated quantum matter. The topics of my research revolve around a rich set of phenomena in topological superconductors, copper- and iron-based high temperature superconductors, as well as quantum Hall systems, and spin liquids. Through the use of quantum field theory, symmetry group analysis, and large-scale numerical techniques, I hope to further the understandings of new phases of matter and emergent phenomena in strongly correlated systems. I am also interested in the development and implementation of algorithms for large-scale numerical computations on quantum systems.


Multimagnon dynamics and thermalization in the S=1 easy-axis ferromagnetic chain
Prakash Sharma, Kyungmin Lee, Hitesh J. Changlani
Frustration-induced emergent Hilbert space fragmentation
Kyungmin Lee, Arijeet Pal, Hitesh J. Changlani
metal-to-insulator transition
Metal-to-insulator transition in Pt-doped TiSe2 driven by emergent network of narrow transport channels
Kyungmin Lee, Jesse Choe, Davide Iaia, Juqiang Li, Junjing Zhao, Ming Shi, Junzhang Ma, Mengyu Yao, Zhenyu Wang, Chien-Lung Huang, Masayuki Ochi, Ryotaro Arita, Utpal Chatterjee, Emilia Morosan, Vidya Madhavan, Nandini Trivedi
three coloring
Exact three-colored quantum scars from geometric frustration
Kyungmin Lee, Ronald Melendrez, Arijeet Pal, Hitesh J. Changlani
Local Spectroscopies Reveal Percolative Metal in Disordered Mott Insulators
Joseph C. Szabo, Kyungmin Lee, Vidya Madhavan, Nandini Trivedi
Spectroscopic fingerprints of many-body renormalizations in 1T−TiSe2
J. Zhao, Kyungmin Lee, J. Li, D. B. Lioi, G. Karapetrov, Nandini Trivedi, and U. Chatterjee
Magnetotransport in Fe-intercalated TS2: The comparison between T = Ti and Ta
Jesse Choe, Kyungmin Lee, C.-L. Huang, Nandini Trivedi, E. Morosan
Topological superconductivity in Dirac honeycomb systems
Kyungmin Lee, Tamaghna Hazra, Mohit Randeria and Nandini Trivedi
Pomeranchuk Instability of Composite Fermi Liquids
Kyungmin Lee, Junping Shao, Eun-Ah Kim, F. Duncan. M. Haldane, and Edward H. Rezayi
Emergent topological superconductivity at nematic domain wall of FeSe
Kyungmin Lee, Eun-Ah Kim
Cold-spots and glassy nematicity in underdoped cuprates
Kyungmin Lee, Steven A. Kivelson, Eun-Ah Kim
Non-Abelian phases in two-component ν=2/3 fractional quantum Hall states: Emergence of Fibonacci anyons
Zhao Liu, Abolhassan Vaezi, Kyungmin Lee, Eun-Ah Kim
Identifying the 'Fingerprint' of Antiferromagnetic Spin-Fluctuations in Iron-Pnictide Cooper Pairing
Milan P. Allan, Kyungmin Lee, Andreas W. Rost, Mark H. Fischer, Freek Massee, Kunihiro Kihou, Chul-Ho Lee, Akira Iyo, Hiroshi Eisaki, Tien-Ming Chuang, J.C. Davis, Eun-Ah Kim
Superconducting proximity effect in topological metals
Kyungmin Lee, Abolhassan Vaezi, Mark H. Fischer, Eun-Ah Kim
Signatures of unconventional pairing in near-vortex electronic structure of LiFeAs
Kyungmin Lee, Mark H. Fischer and Eun-Ah Kim

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